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My story: Growing up with an alcoholic parent

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What Is Love?

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My father was a functional- alcoholic for many years. By functional I mean he drank in the evenings, but he was able to hold a job, support his family, and help raise his daughters. However, alcoholism is a progressive disease.

Life Lessons Form an Alcoholic father essays My dad was an alcoholic. I remember times when his friends would bring him home from the lake so drunk he could barley walk. Could you imagine the embarrassment for a young teenage girl to have to drag her inebriated father out of a car, and into the ho.

He gives up on his essay, and smashes a bottle of brandy that he was supposed to bring home for his alcoholic dad. He starts making fun of his father for his disability, laughing at how he'd look if he tried to dance at the competition. Dad, For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a daddy's girl.

Saying Good-Bye, Again

A Letter to My Alcoholic Father Parenting Relationships Personal Essay Daughters Father Alcohol. From Our Partners.

Alcoholic dad essay
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My story: Growing up with an alcoholic parent