Ssa: detecting dysphagia in acute stroke essay

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Standardized swallowing assessment (SSA) in Acute Stroke Essay

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Dysphagia is a particular concern because of its potential for airway obstruction, malnutrition, and aspiration pneumonia. With chest infection reported in up to 32% of stroke patients, this is a major. By submitting your story and clicking the Submit button you grant the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) permission to use your story, name, city/state, and photo (if you provided) as part of our efforts to increase autoimmune disease advocacy and awareness efforts.

More Essay Examples on Education Rubric. ABSTRACT Dysphagia, or problems with swallowing, is common after acute stroke, and there is a risk of aspiration pneumonia and other complications. Conclusions The Acute Stroke Dysphagia Screen is an easily administered and reliable tool that has sufficient sensitivity to detect both dysphagia and aspiration risk in acute stroke patients.

In their study titled Treatment of post-stroke dysphagia with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, Khedr, Abo-Elfetoh and Rothwell () aimed to investigate the therapeutic potential of rTMS over the esophageal motor cortex for treating post-stroke dysphagia.

SSA: Detecting Dysphagia in Acute Stroke Essay Sample

SSA: Detecting Dysphagia in Acute Stroke Essay Sample. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. Many professionals contributed to the completion of this research effort.

I would like to thank my supervisor Professor David Howard Degree Programme Director of School of Education Communication and Language Sciences in the University of Newcastle in United .

Ssa: detecting dysphagia in acute stroke essay
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